Monday, October 09, 2006

The 3rd Wave Study Group was initiated by Carl Davidson in 1992 in Chicago. Its name derives from the first book the group read, The Third Wave, by Alvin Toffler.'

[Study Group in 1999. Front row (left to right): Rael Bassan, Tom Ard, Jerry Harris, Ivan Handler and Gordie Schiff. Back row: Fereidon Dadrass, Rado Mijanovich, Carl Davidson and Anita Malinski.]

Over the years, 50 or so people have taken part in the project from all around the globe. Regularly 5 to 10 people meet every 2nd and 4th Monday at 3411 W Diversey, Chicago, 7pm-9pm. With this blog, however, we hope more will join us, even if you access the discussion remotely. We welcome any contributions and feedback you might have.

Toffler's book started us off looking at the world with new eyes. We have been attempting to update traditional Marxist and revolutionary thought based on the changes taking place in the world especially those that are dependent on or a result of the information technology explosion such as globalization and the crisis in the labor movement, as well as issues that have never fit comfortably into a left perspective such as environmentalism and the latest advances in scientific thought (those that challenge classical reductionist views).

We have read hundreds of books since then--history, political economy, philosophy, sociology, chaos and complexity theory, religion and spirituality. Our goal is not only trying to understand the new world, but to develop and new strategy and tactics for radical change.

Beginning in the summer of 1994, the Third Wave Study Group released Issue 1 of "cyRev: A Journal of Cybernetic Revolution, Sustainable Socialism, and Radical Democracy." Six more print issues followed, and by the winter of 2004, cyRev was totally electronic. Here in the archive you will find all the articles from issues one through eight, plus more recent articles and editorials on issues such as globalization, technology and ethics, economics, labor, and much, much more.

While we continue to post to, we have shifted much of our publishing to We hope you find the articles there informative and join in the discussion there as well.

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